Suicidal Ideation Signs & Symptoms

Suicidal Ideation Signs & Symptoms

Also known as suicidal thoughts or ideas, essentially, suicidal ideation is not just one single term, but it explains a broad spectrum of ideas that describe a range of different contemplations or wishes related to death or suicide.

A recent study conducted by the Jed Foundation showed some alarming statistical information which contained a statistic which stated 25.5% of adults between the ages of 18-24 have seriously considered the idea of suicide in the past month. Considering this piece of information, it can be deduced that this condition is known to be severe and prevalent within the population.

Let us discuss this in further detail, talking about suicidal ideation and considering what symptoms might be present in someone suffering from this.

What is Suicidal Ideation?

As the name suggests, suicidal ideation refers to the thoughts and wishes someone has within them of wanting to take their own life and death. It is not necessary that these thoughts might be of suicides, as there have also been cases of people thinking about death, not due to suicides but making up different scenarios in their heads that may end with their death.

Although suicidal thoughts are something that no one can really escape from, there are things that can influence your mind and make it more likely for you to suffer from such thoughts. They include people suffering from severe mental health conditions, which can include anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder as well.

In addition to that, there are also people suffering from ongoing pain and stress who may begin to think about suicide as an “easy way out.”

The Causes

There are many factors out there that can contribute to suicidal ideation, and oftentimes these thoughts invade your mind when you are suffering from a feeling of hopelessness and a lack of purpose. These feelings might stem from different circumstances, which can include relationship problems, trauma, and substance use as well.

In addition to that, there are many other causes for someone to be suffering from suicidal thoughts, which can include a possible suicide attempt in the past. There are times when people have made an active attempt to commit suicide in the past, but it has not been successful. Due to this, it becomes more likely to attempt this again, so it might have a different outcome.

In addition to that, having a mental disorder is another possible cause of suffering from suicidal ideation. There have been many studies that have linked the presence of suicidal thoughts with mental disorders like anxiety and depression. In addition to that, there are people who suffer from a chronic physical illness such as cancer or any other terminal disease, which causes them to have suicidal thoughts as well.

This is because people suffering from these types of diseases are constantly thinking about the fact that they cannot survive and they can pass away at any moment, and all of these thoughts of hopelessness become a breeding ground for suicidal ideation.

The Symptoms

Suicidal ideation is one of the most tragic reactions to any situation, and the worst thing about this condition is that no one is safe from them. Suicidal ideation can exist within a person’s psyche in many forms, but there are some common symptoms that may help in identifying whether a person may be suffering from such thoughts or not.

Unusual changes in behavior

This is one of the most common symptoms present in someone who may be suicidal, but it is often overlooked because it does not seem to relate to any sort of mental health condition such as anxiety or depression. An example of this is that you may notice someone who is normally very kind-hearted to have become rather grumpy and angry at all times.

In addition to that, there have also been instances of people resorting to substance abuse or unusual mood swings if they are feeling suicidal.

Changes in Sleep Patterns

Noticing a change in someone’s sleep patterns can also be a possible sign of that person developing some sort of suicidal thoughts. People suffering from these thoughts would be sleeping for increased periods of time, struggling to get out of bed.

On the other extreme end of the situation, people suffering from suicidal thoughts can develop insomnia as well, experiencing a considerably less amount of sleep and staying up for a long period of time.


This was just a condensed guide highlighting some of the few symptoms and signs someone may have when suffering from suicidal ideation.

It can be very dangerous to harbor suicidal thoughts. If you feel that a loved one is suffering from suicidal ideation, you should urge them to seek professional help. The medical professionals at the Ketamine Wellness Institute of Jacksonville can provide them with the best solutions.

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