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Our Mission and Values

We take pride in providing the most advanced and scientifically rigorous ketamine treatment protocols unique to every patient.

We carefully coordinate your care with your primary mental health and pain providers to ensure you get the best treatment possible.

We Go Above and Beyond

Why Ketamine Wellness Institute is Different

We understand that every patient is unique and requires an individualized treatment plan. In an era when providers are increasingly required to practice “cookie-cutter medicine” and rush through patient visits, we take the necessary time to get to know you. We then develop a treatment plan that targets your particular illness to maximize therapeutic benefits while minimizing any side effects.

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Innovative Treatments Now Available

Conditions We Treat

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Our treatments can combat anxiety symptoms right at the source of the problem.
Bipolar disorder
Bipolar Disorder
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Formerly called manic depression, bipolar disorder is a depressive condition for which we can provide relief.
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Ketamine infusions target the part of the brain responsible for depressive symptoms.
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OCD is a common anxiety disorder that is manageable using ketamine infusion therapy.
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Through its effect on glutamate and other neurotransmitters, ketamine can provide relief.
Restless legs
Restless Legs
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A condition characterized by a nearly irresistible urge to move the legs, typically in the evenings.
Substance abuse
Substance Abuse
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Excessive use of psychoactive drugs, such as alcohol, pain medications, or illegal drugs.
Suicidal ideation
Suicidal Ideation
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A depressive disorder characterized by thoughts of self-harm. We can help you find relief.
of adults will experience a mood disorder any given year
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people suffer from depression worldwide
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of patients find relief with a single ketamine infusion
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Learn How You Can Get Relief

Ketamine Could Be Right for You

Our physician anesthesiologists have years of experience delivering ketamine infusions to a wide range of patients, from healthy to critically ill. If you are interested in ketamine therapy in Jacksonville, FL, or would like more information, please give us a call today. Our highly experienced physicians and staff will take the time to walk you through any questions or concerns you may have.

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